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Hello, my name is Neil Wooldridge and Anglo Genealogy is the result of my ongoing British family history and ancestor research.


As I have said before "... since I started my love affair with linking days gone by with real people and fleshing out the vital facts I have constantly found websites and companies eager to take money for supplying information which is already in the public domain. I pledge to give access to all the information I already have, to others researching in similar fields, for free.


My aim is to make Anglo Genealogy the place to come to on the web for helpful information and assistance when carrying out your own Family History, Ancestor or Historical Research..."




Neil Wooldridge


My career has progressed from the shipping industry to management roles delivering large scale projects with a few IT support roles in between. It is this broad spectrum of corporate experiences that has honed my organisational skills which I now employ when undertaking research projects.


I have always had an interest with the past and in particular the two World Wars to which I have ancestral links. Following family deaths and with great help from my wife, I turned my interest into active research and so the early seeds of Anglo Genealogy were sown.


Now based in Sydney I spent my first 30 years in London and the Home Counties and still make regular trips to the UK and it is this local knowledge that really helps me to relate my research to these locations.


Currently a student of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, I am studying for the Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS).



Research Services


Neil Wooldridge and Anglo Genealogy also provide fee-based research services for anyone wishing to know more about their family history and ancestors. Our speciality is research in relation to Britain, however past projects have taken us across Europe to Australia, Canada, India, the West Indies and the USA.


To learn more about our services and for information on pricing and expectations please select 'Research Services' found under 'About Us' on the main menu bar or click here








Material used on this website has come from many different sources. The vast majority of artefacts used are in the public domain. It is not belived that any copyright has been breached by their use on this website.


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Anglo Genealogy is the result of a vast number of hours spent in research and I rely on your respect of this. Please ensure that any material you use obtained from this website is suitably referenced by including the full URL and one of the following title options:


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Please note that all research is vulnerable to possible inaccuracy; historical records, where surviving, can be erroneous and/or misleading. Older records can contain a variety of mistakes (such as misspellings) often due to illegible handwriting and inaccurate transcriptions.


Neil Wooldridge and Anglo Genealogyundertake high quality research, however are unable to guarantee accuracy where evidence and records contain contradictory or unreliable information.


Every effort will be made to ensure that the informtaion provided is accurate, however this is not guaranteed.

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