British Army - Artillery


Australian 18 Pounder

An 18 pounder gun being hauled through the mud at Broodseinde Ridge to a position further forward, in support of the advancing Australians, two days before the initial attack on Passchendaele Ridge, in the Ypres sector.


Artillery is by far the most deadly and effective land-based weaponry causing the majority of combat deaths in both World Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.


For much of the history of Artillery horses have been used to provide mobility.


In 1899, the Royal Artillery was divided into three groups: the Royal Horse Artillery and the Royal Field Artillery comprised one. Coastal defence, mountain, siege and heavy batteries were split into the Royal Garrison Artillery. The third group, simply Royal Artillery, and was responsible for ammunition storage and supply.


The RFA and RHA dressed as mounted men, whereas the RGA dressed like foot soldiers.


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