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With the centenary of WWI upon us, many people are wondering about their own fighting ancestors.

Anglogenealogy can help; By combining our knowledge and expertise with available military records and consulting civil records such as the 1911 Census and Birth Marriage an Death indexes we will seek to reconstruct the life of your soldier.


The First World War swelled the ranks of the British Army with countries and dominions of the Empire also contributing many thousands of men. Anglogenealogy has successfully researched WWI Soldiers from Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Discounts to our research fees will be applied where there is found to be a gap in available documents, where records do not survive or where it is not possible to identify your soldier in the records.


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Self-Help or Help?


This website is designed for you to use as a reference tool; it contains information to help you on your research journey.


However we do also offer our help if you wish. We can do as little or as much as you would like us to. We are a team of Genealogists who specialise in British Family History & Ancestor Research.


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Free Certificates


Occasionally we come across certificates which are not required to further our research or that of our clients. In the hope of assisting your research, we offer these certificates, free of charge, to anyone who may like them or make use of them.



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