Research & Fees

Neil Wooldridge and Anglo Genealogy provide fee-based research services for anyone wishing to know more about their family history and ancestors. Our speciality is research in relation to Britain. However past projects have also taken us to northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and the USA.




Your Request, You're in Control

We need to know what you are seeking from your research project, the outcome(s) you wish for to see for your investment. Complete_this_form Anglo Genealogy about, the more time we can dedicate to your research project.



Agreed Budget

Research, whether your own or commissioned can consume many hours of work and become a lengthy and expensive project. Anglo Genealogy always agrees a budget and discusses expected outcomes with you prior to carrying out any research on your behalf.



Research Plan

Once your request has been received Anglo Genealogy will draw up a Research Plan based on your request. This will be sent to your for your review and acceptance. At this stage you are more than welcome to request changes or submit ideas... it's your research project.


Once agreed, your project commences!




We use PayPal to accept payments by credit or debit card, PayPal transfer or even via bank account in just a few easy clicks. All you need is our email address...



Next Steps

To start your research project Complete_this_form detailing your request; remember to include as much information as possible. We'll then be in touch with our Research Plan for your project.


If you're not quite ready to proceed or have questions you want to discuss with Anglo Genealogy first please do not hesitate to contact_us



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Should you believe that a mistake has been found in our research and/or reporting please use the link below to contact us. If your findings can be verified, we may, at our discretion, correct and update documents and reports at no further cost to you. Report_an_error





Please note that all research is vulnerable to possible inaccuracy; historical records, where surviving, can be erroneous and/or misleading. Older records can contain a variety of mistakes (such as misspellings) often due to illegible handwriting and inaccurate transcriptions.


Neil Wooldridge and Anglo Genealogyundertake high quality research, however are unable to guarantee accuracy where evidence and records contain contradictory or unreliable information.


Every effort will be made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, however this is not guaranteed.

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